8-Mechanical Behavior

Crystal structure 2 atomic bonding 3 temperature of

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Unformatted text preview: f deformation 4.  Orientation of active slip planes with respect to the applied stress Critical Resolved Shear Stress Slip begins within a single crystal (or a grain in a polycrystal) when the shearing stress on the slip plane in the slip direction reaches a required level referred to as the critical resolved shear stress (CRSS). At stress levels below this value, the deformation remains elastic and no dislocation motion occurs. Critical Resolved Shear Stress for Slip τr = F cos λ F = cos λ cos φ Ao /cos φ Ao called Schmid ' s Law Example of Slip calculation Plastic Deformation of Polycrystals Dislocations moving along on a particular slip plane cannot go directly from one grain into another grain in a straight line, unimpeded. Slip lines change directions at grain boundar...
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