8-Mechanical Behavior

No definite point on stress strain curve where

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Unformatted text preview: stic strain ends and plastic strain begins. Yield strength is chosen to be that strength at which a definite amount of plastic deformation has occurred. e.g. - 0.2 percent plastic strain STEPS IN CONSTRUCTING 0.2% YIELD STRENGTH 1. Draw a line parallel to the elastic (linear) part of the stress-strain curve at 0.002 (=0.2%) strain. 2. At the point where the line intersects the stress-strain curve, a horizontal line is drawn to the stress axis. 3. The 0.2 % offset yield strength corresponds to this stress. Representative Stress-Strain Curves for Various Engineering Materials ULTIMATE TENSILE STRENGTH The UTS is the maximum strength reached in the engineering stress-strain curve. Increased strain beyond the strain at which the UTS occurs causes necking. Necking occurs when the specimen develops a localized...
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