25 the user can easily tell whether the safety feature

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Unformatted text preview: is a safety device does not mean that it is safe. Desirable Characteristics of Safety Devices • • • The device is needleless. The safety feature is built into the device. The device works passively (i.e., requires no activation by the user). If user activation is necessary, the safety feature can be engaged with a single-handed technique, allowing workers’ hands to remain behind the exposed sharp. 25 • • • • • The user can easily tell whether the safety feature has been activated. Some safety features have a sound, such as a click, indicating that the feature has been activated. That may not be an effective function in noisy settings. Others change color when the feature is engaged. In dim visibility, or with color-blind staff, that may not be an effective indicator. The safety feature cannot be deactivated and remains protective through disposal. If the device uses needles, it performs reliably with all needle sizes. The device is easy to use and practical. The device is safe and effective in patient ca...
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