Complaints can be filed anonymously its your

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Unformatted text preview: to file a complaint. A complaint is a notice of an alleged uncontrolled occupational hazard or a violation of the OSHAct or specific OSHA Standard given by a past or present employee or an employee representative, such as a union. Complaints can be filed anonymously. It’s your responsibility to report the hazard to a supervisor as an essential first step. When possible, you and your employer should work together to resolve the problem. You are not required to discuss concerns with your employer if you choose to file a complaint. If you are unionized, work with the union to file the complaint. To file a complaint, fill out OSHA’s official complaint form, including, if possible, the specific violation of either the OSHAct or the BBP Standard. OSHA recommends including the following information: 20 • • • • • • • The number of employees who work at the site and how many are at risk for exposure to the hazard. Details regarding the status of compliance, such as types of sharps used in all...
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