Employee survey while every needlestick and sharps

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Unformatted text preview: lled? What equipment is available in the supply closets? Are the sharps boxes available within arm’s reach, in sight, and routinely replaced when full? Is there a proscribed procedure for the removal of full boxes that maintains safety precautions? What other conditions, such as short staffing, exist that may contribute to the risk of needlestick and sharps injuries? Employee Survey. While every needlestick and sharps injury should be documented, many people do not report them. In addition, many health care workers simply are unaware of the laws that protect them or the policies already in place at their health care facility. When the safety or needlestick prevention committee begins its work, it will need to assess the situation in your workplace. A survey can help determine whether needlestick injuries are being reported, whether staff are using safer devices, and whether they are aware of the laws and policies in place. Often, increased attention to needlestick injury prevention will result in an i...
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