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Ensure workers compensation payment and that all

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Unformatted text preview: gh. Document! Document! Document! All nurses have a responsibility to document. Documentation is always the first step, and it is essential that you actively train employees to report and document every needlestick and sharps injury to: • • • • Ensure timely post-exposure follow-up, including testing and treatment. Ensure workers’ compensation payment and that all health expenses are charged to workers’ compensation and not to the individual’s health insurance. Collect data to evaluate the health and safety of your workplace. Collect data that can be used by the ANA and state nurses associations to lobby state and federal agencies for additional protections. Forward the data to the institutional bloodborne pathogen coordinator. The importance of documenting cannot be overstated. Help your colleagues understand that documenting will improve their own health and safety. Promptly reporting a needlestick and starting PEP can protect you in the future. It is always in your best interest...
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