Evaluation selection and implementation evaluating

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Unformatted text preview: lesticks, almost all contracts have some general health and safety language. While your collective bargaining unit works toward negotiating the language goals above, make sure you administer your current contract. For example, if management is not sufficiently addressing needlestick prevention or not involving union representatives in this process, consider filing a grievance through your union. Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation: Evaluating, selecting, and implementing safer devices are among the most important tasks for the needlestick prevention committee since the federal Act expects health care workers to be continuously and seriously involved in device evaluation and selection. OSHA requires that institutions review their exposure control plan annually and evaluate the effectiveness of the control measures, including safer needle devices. New devices are entering the market at a rapid pace and even an annual evaluation could miss opportunities for innovations that might reduce injuries. Not all devices are alike or equally effective. Just because the manufacturer claims that a device...
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