Frontline employee input whether it be by surveys

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Unformatted text preview: gerial employee/patient care providers in the identification, selection, and evaluation of effective engineering and work practice controls is stated with great clarity within the directive. Frontline employee input, whether it be by surveys, participation in safety meetings, worksite inspections, or exposure incident investigations is highlighted. Documentation and Recordkeeping: 1. Sharps Injury Log The International Health Care Worker Safety Center at the University of Virginia has produced a form that serves as a sharps injury report. They created EPINet, a surveillance system that gives health care facilities a standardized system to track exposures and injuries. Facilities can use EPINet for free and adapt it to fit any specific needs. The data contained in the log can be used to: • • • • • Analyze injury frequencies by specific attributes like work units, devices, and procedures. Identify high-risk devices and procedures. Identify injuries that could be prevented. Evalua...
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