However remember that according to federal law the

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Unformatted text preview: g. As you analyze the log data, the committee should identify high priorities for action, especially to eliminate the highest risk devices and prevent the highest risk and most frequently occurring injuries. However, remember that according to federal law, the goal of the committee is to prevent all types of exposures and minimize all risks. 19 2. OSHA 300 Log While your facility must record all information on the sharps injury log, they also still must record these injuries on the OSHA 300 Log. You should review the OSHA 300 Log and compare it with the information in the sharps log and make sure both are accurate. The OSHA 300 Log must be posted in a public place each year and employees are encouraged to track the information on the Log. Ask the following questions when reviewing the OSHA 300 Log: • • • • • • • • Are there needlestick and sharps injuries? When do they occur? What was the injury or illness? Are injuries and illnesses occurring in isolated cases or in groups of employee...
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