In other words if you become infected you will not

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Unformatted text preview: revention committee with equal representation that has the authority and responsibility discussed at the beginning of the section on the Needlestick Committee. Presumptive compensability, which means that if a nurse is infected with HIV, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, or other infectious diseases, it shall be presumed to be work-related for the purposes of workers’ compensation. In other words, if you become infected you will not have to prove that you became infected at work. Financial compensation for workers infected with a deadly virus like HIV. Paid administrative leave during the administrative waiting period for state workers’ compensation. Accommodation for injury/illness, for example, if you are ill while taking PEP medications after an exposure to a bloodborne pathogen. Return-to-work guidelines and modified work assignments. Union access to needlestick injury data and “near miss” reports. Your contract is a powerful tool that can be used to ensure worker safety. Even if you do not have specific language regarding need...
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