Interferon monotherapy or combination therapy with

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Unformatted text preview: for Hepatitis C. There is currently no approved post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HCV. Interferon monotherapy or combination therapy with ribavirin are the current treatments. Combination therapy is currently the preferred treatment and has been shown to be effective in 40% of infected persons. These drugs can cost thousands of dollars per month. Alcohol use can make the disease worse. Hepatitis B Hepatitis B, caused by Hepatitis B Virus, is now preventable due to the vaccine that must be offered to all health care workers and is given to children at birth. After the 1991 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard required that the vaccine be offered to all health care employees, cases of hepatitis B in health care workers dropped from 17,000 annually to 400 annually, and continues to drop (Mahoney, Steward, Hu, Coleman, & Alter, 1997). 7 ANA strongly recommends that all health care workers be vaccinated since it is the best means of prevention. Current public health recommendations also suggest that health care workers have blood titers drawn to assess vaccination st...
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