It is important to learn the process for approval and

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Unformatted text preview: re. (Does the use of the safety device impact the number of tries necessary to give the injection or start the IV? What is the impact on patient discomfort or bruising at the site? Is there any modification to the dosage administered because of the safety mechanisms?) Health care facilities purchase equipment and supplies in a variety of ways, and the needlestick prevention committee needs to work within that system. It is important to learn the process for approval and purchasing of new devices in your workplace, particularly in the case of large health networks and group purchasing organizations (GPOs), which might have complex purchasing systems. The needlestick prevention committee should work closely with the purchasing department to ensure that safer devices are purchased. Find out who is responsible for new product purchases in your facility and schedule a meeting between the needlestick prevention committee and the identified contact persons. Share the changes in the OSHA regulat...
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