It is now strongly encouraged that a mechanism be

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Unformatted text preview: no matter how busy you are to document illnesses and injuries. While each health care facility must now keep a sharps injury log, they also must maintain the OSHA 300 Log, which tracks all occupational injuries like back injuries and illnesses, like latex allergy. So, document all injuries and illnesses, not just sharps injuries. It is now strongly encouraged that a mechanism be established to collect and analyze information about “near misses.” Data about products that fail, or injuries that are averted but could have caused an injury, can be rich learning opportunities about devices and training needs. Workplace Walk-Through. A walk-through, which is a workplace inspection, is a crucial way to identify workplace hazards. Walk-throughs should be regularly planned and conducted by the needlestick prevention committee, and in the absence of a needlestick committee, the safety committee. Frontline workers should participate in these walkthroughs. Every facility is required to have a standing safety committee. The walkthroughs should be conducted during work hours, during different shifts, and una...
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