Jet injectors may substitute for syringes and needles

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Unformatted text preview: her route, such as tablet, inhaler, or transdermal patches, for example. Remove sharps and needles and eliminate all unnecessary injections. Jet injectors may substitute for syringes and needles. Other examples include the elimination of unnecessary sharps like towel clips and using needleless intravenous (IV) systems. • Engineering Controls – such as needles that retract, sheathe, or blunt immediately after use. • Administrative Controls – policies aimed to limit exposure to the hazard. Examples include allocation of resources demonstrating a commitment to health care worker safety, a needlestick prevention committee, an exposure control plan, removing all unsafe devices, and consistent training on the use of safe devices. • Work Practice Controls – examples include no re-capping, placing sharps containers at eye-level and at arms reach, remember that most nurses are women, and some of the placement practices of disposal containers have not taken that into consideration), emptying sharps containers before they're full, and establishing the means for safe handli...
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