Lynda was wearing gloves the recommended safer

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Unformatted text preview: da was a new graduate, practicing for five months in a Pennsylvania hospital, when she received a needlestick after inserting an intravenous (IV) line in an HIV-infected patient. Lynda was wearing gloves: the recommended “safer” practice at the time. The device she used was not a safer device. She became infected with HIV and has battled years of illness and medication side effects. Lynda launched a campaign called the National Campaign for Health Care Worker Safety that asked hospitals to declare their commitment to the use of safer devices. While the campaign stimulated discussions within the hospital industry, it was evident that voluntary compliance with safer devices would not have sufficient impact to help health care workers across the country. The good news is, Lynda is now feeling well and has an active life with her husband and children. She continues to speak and write about her experiences, and is a tireless advocate for safety. Karen Daley is the second nurse we consider one of our heroes. She was working in a...
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