Make safer needles and other sharps with integrated

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Unformatted text preview: include IVs that administer medication and fluids through a catheter port using non-needle connections and jet-injection systems that deliver liquid medication beneath the skin or through a muscle. Make safer needles and other sharps with integrated safety features available in syringes, blood collection devices, IV access products, lancets, and blunt suture needles. 13 • Use puncture-proof containers to dispose of sharps and needles. Containers must be closed, puncture resistant, leak proof, color coded, and emptied routinely to prevent overfilling. 2. Frontline Health Care Worker Involvement and Training Requirements • • Include the involvement of frontline health care workers (non-managerial employees responsible for direct patient care) in device evaluation and selection, with evidence of this participation documented in the exposure control plan. Provide all employees at risk for occupational exposure with interactive training on the use of safer devices, work practices, and PPE from a knowledgeable person. W...
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