Objectives 1 identify five key components of the

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Unformatted text preview: athogens. OBJECTIVES 1. Identify five key components of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000. 2. Discuss the impact of safe practice/safe needle devices on nurses’ health and well being. 3. Explain the key elements of the OSHA Compliance Directive for the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and strategies for identifying and reporting non-compliance. 4. Explore proactive strategies for promoting a culture of safety in the workplace. 5. Describe ANA activities to promote health and safety in the workplace for nurses. AUTHORS Mary Foley, MS, RN Mary Foley is the Immediate Past-President of the American Nurses Association. She received a Master's degree in nursing administration and occupational health and is currently in a PhD program in nursing policy. She has worked at the hospital, state, and national level to address healthcare worker safety, particularly in the area of needlestick injury prevention. Annemarie T. Leyden, EdD, RN Dr. Annemarie T. Leyden is Chief, Learning Resources (Director of Education) at the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System in New...
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