Once the groundwork had been laid anas expert

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Unformatted text preview: t was the credibility of nurses providing the personal and professional perspective that overcame the long-standing reluctance to expand OSHA-related regulations of any kind. Once the groundwork had been laid, ANA’s expert lobbying staff met with dozens of congressional members and staffs. Nurse constituents by the thousands communicated with their members of Congress and convinced them this issue was important to the quality of nurses’ lives across the country. The momentum to pass a federal law also resulted from the parallel success of the second prong: the rate at which state needlestick legislation was sweeping across the country. More on the state strategy, and the third prong, additional regulatory reform, follows later. 11 Three nurses who made the difference, and were the personal faces behind the injury statistics are nurse heroes, and are still working to prevent any other workers from being injured. Their stories are told with their permission, and stands as an example of their commitment to prevention. The first nurse who became an activist after her injury is Lynda Arnold. Lyn...
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