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One way to assure success is to find champions from

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Unformatted text preview: n identify potential problems prior to full implementation and can determine training needs and procedure changes that may be needed. Step 3. Institutionalizing selected devices after the pilot testing is complete. The needlestick prevention committee should work closely with the purchasing department to ensure that the product chosen is available in the required quantities. Training of all affected personnel must occur prior to implementation. One way to assure success is to find “champions” from the needlestick committee and other committed workers to perform the training and promote use of the new devices. Step 4. Conduct ongoing surveillance for efficacy and for better devices. Formal and informal feedback about the devices will help identify possible adverse effects of the device on worker safety or patient care. The law requires an annual review of the exposure control plan and review of the market for new and better products. This feedback process will assist in both the implementation of the law and constant improvement in the workplace. WHAT EVERY NURSE CAN DO: THE W...
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