She felt a sharp stab and realized she had been stuck

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Unformatted text preview: busy Boston emergency room, and received her needlestick while she was disposing a butterfly needle device she had successfully inserted into a patient into a wall mounted needle box. She felt a sharp stab, and realized she had been stuck by an unshielded needle protruding from the top of the box. When she was called into the employee health office, and met by her manager and other administrators at the hospital, Karen realized she was not going to hear good news. She was infected with HIV and Hepatitis C. Karen channeled her emotions into public disclosure and advocacy efforts to make change happen. She was president of the Massachusetts Nurses Association and active in the ANA at the time of her injury. She held a press conference at the state house in Boston to announce what had happened to her, and lent support to the passage of safer needle device legislation in that state, which became law in August, 2000. That same year, Karen testified in Washington, DC and was invited to join Pr...
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