Some facilities only offer products that have been

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Unformatted text preview: ion with them and ask what steps are necessary for bringing a new product into the facility. Ideally, someone from purchasing will be a member of the needlestick prevention committee. The purchasing department can provide a list of devices that already are included in your institution’s formulary and can contact manufacturers to request samples of products for screening. Be aware of “narrowed down” selection procedures. Some facilities only offer products that have been pre-approved by purchasing or management personnel. These often are based on recommendations or limitations by GPOs. These “narrowed down” device choices often are only based on price and neglect the safety features. This is especially true in facilities that are owned and operated by nationwide corporations. OSHA requires the use of safe and effective devices. If a safe and effective device is not available from the GPO, an exception to the purchasing contract will be necessary. The Training for the Development of Innovative Control Technologies (TDICT) Project...
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