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The expertise of employees should not be provided

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Unformatted text preview: e the new devices and practices. When committee meetings occur during patient care shifts (they should occur in the workplace during work hours), adequate nursing staff for patient care must be ensured for the frontline staff’s full attention to the committee. The expertise of employees should not be provided without pay or offered at the expense of patients. The committee will need access to data in a way that protects confidentiality. What the committee will need to know will be the specific devices involved and the environmental conditions in which each injury took place. Role of the Committee: The needlestick prevention committee should seek training on the principles of the industrial hygiene hierarchy of controls, product design features, and applying criteria for device evaluation to ensure a consistent knowledge level among device evaluators and for an effective selection process. The training should not be conducted by or in the presence of product representatives. Once a device is selected, the manufacturer can provide useful in-service education on the use of that device prior to implementation. In some institutions, unit-based committees may exis...
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