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There are many tools that will be helpful as the law

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Unformatted text preview: developed the following four-step, user-based systems approach for the evaluation, selection, and implementation of safer medical devices. It is comprehensive in scope, geared to developing and maintaining an ongoing program, and is predicated on the involvement of those who use the devices: frontline health care workers. The four steps are summarized here, but it is strongly encouraged that the TDICT website be used as a resource. There are many tools that will be helpful as the law is implemented. The Four-Step User Based System from the TDICT Project 26 Step 1. Conduct a broad identification of all market-available devices. The needlestick and/or safety committee should identify types, obtain samples, and screen all products available on the market in each category of device. Numerous sources exist to find the latest devices, such as manufacturer magazines, conferences and exhibits areas, and web sites. Two that are used by the TDICT Project are at the University of Virginia International Health Work Safety Center and...
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