This legislation presumes an infection stems from the

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Unformatted text preview: under workers’ compensation for reported occupational exposure. Because there is such a long interval between exposure and diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C, many health care workers are denied workers’ compensation benefits for their illness. This legislation presumes an infection stems from the injury at the employee’s job without the need for documentation of patient infection and the employee would be covered by workers’ compensation. Other state variations are too numerous to mention in general terms, and it is strongly advised that you research your own state to be fully informed of the laws that affect you, or require your involvement to be successfully passed. Additionally, some specific information is provided from CDC-NIOSH (see website listed on the Internet Resources page). Table 2, below, lists a basic comparison of state legislation provisions. 16 Table 2. Comparison of state-by-state needle safety legislation (revised May 2001), source: CDC-NIOSH. Reporting Sharps Injury Log Safety Device Selection Process States Safety Device List Sharps Injury Log Alaska X X X X X X X X X NIOSH Cited Study Report Arkansas California Connecticut Georgia X X Iowa X Maine X Massachusetts X Minnesota Missouri X X X X X Maryland X X X X X New Hampshire X New Jersey X X X X New York Ohio X X X Oklahoma X X X Pennsylvania X X Rhode Island X X Tennessee X Texas X X X West Virginia X X X X X 17 THE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS STANDARD: THE THIRD...
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