Training records must be maintained for three years 3

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Unformatted text preview: orkers must receive training when hired and at least once a year, or whenever there is a modification of tasks or procedures. Training must be provided during working hours and at no cost to employees. Training records must be maintained for three years. 3. Exposure Control Plan • • • Have a written exposure control plan (ECP) and make a hard copy of the ECP available to employees or their representatives within 15 working days of a request. Review and update the ECP annually or more frequently whenever new or modified procedures are adopted or whenever employee positions are revised in such a way that creates new potential exposures. This review must include an examination of the most recent technological advances. Inform workers of the location of the ECP and the procedures to follow if an exposure occurs. 4. Other Control Measures: Administrative, Work Practice, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • • • • • • Provide within two hours access to post-exposure follow-up that conforms to CDC guid...
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