Distributed DBMS - CS712 Power Point Slides Lecture 35

Asg to site of proj 3 fetch asg tuples as 3needed for

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Unformatted text preview: ve • Total Cost = LT (retrieve card(R) tuples from R)+ CT (length(A) * card (R)) + LT(retrieve s tuples from S) * card(R) + CT (s * length(S)) * card(R) CT 4- Move both inner and outer relations to another site • Example: A query consisting join of PROJ (ext) and ASG (int) on pNo • Four strategies 1- Ship PROJ to site of ASG 12- Ship ASG to site of PROJ 3- Fetch ASG tuples as 3needed for each tuple of PROJ PROJ 4- Move both to a third site Optimization involves costing Optimization for each possibility. for • That is it regarding R* That algorithm for distributed query optimization query • Lets review it. Lets SDD-1 Algorithm SDD-1 • System for Distributed System Databas...
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