Anthro 205 - Another Perspective-Donna L. Moody

Anthropologyisthedaughtertothisera ofviolence

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Unformatted text preview: ropology". (ADifferentPerspective:Indigenous Anthropology)  ­ ­Lévi ­Strausspositedthatthe"savage"mind hadthesamestructuresasthe"civilized" mindandthathumancharacteristicsare thesameeverywhere.  (ADifferentPerspective:Indigenous Anthropology)  ­ ­Lévi ­Strauss(1966:126)identifiedanthropologyasa colonizinginstrumentandasaperpetratorofviolence againstIndigenouspeopleinanarticleforCurrent Anthropology.  is the outcome of an historical process, which hasmadethelargerpartofmankindsubservientto theother, andduringwhichmillionsofinnocenthumanbeingshavehad their resources plundered, their institutions and beliefs destroyed while they themselves were ruthlessly killed, thrown into bondag...
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