Anthro 205 - Another Perspective-Donna L. Moody

Anthro 205 Another Perspective-Donna L Moody

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Unformatted text preview: ideathatthemeaning ofabelieforpracticecanonlybeunderstood initsculturalcontext.  ­ ­relativetotheindividualwithinhisown   culture ­specific. ADifferentPerspective:Indigenous Anthropology TherewouldbenoNorthAmerican AnthropologywithoutIndigenousPeoples. 19th circumferencemeasurements)  ­ ­usedtojustifyracialhierarchies(Social Darwinism). IndianWarsandcollectionofskulls  ­ ­CollegeofSurgeons,WashingtonD.C. (ADifferentPerspective:Indigenous Anthropology) ChallengestomainstreamAnthropologyinthe 1960s ­1970s(whichcontinuetopresent):  ­ ­ClaudeLévi ­Strauss(1908 2009)wasa Frenchanthropologistandethnologist,and hasbeencalled,alongwithJamesGeorge FrazerandFranzBoas,the"fatherof modernanth...
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