Medicalizing Inequality Presentation

This is what lyoncallo means when he argues power is

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Unformatted text preview: straints of power; he makes them play spontaneously upon himself; he inscribes in himself the power relaSon in which he simultaneously plays both roles; he becomes the principle of his own subjecSon" (Discipline & Power: 202 ­203). ‘We must cease once and for all to describe the effects of power in negaSve terms: it ‘excludes’, it ‘represses’, it ‘censors’, it ‘abstracts’, it ‘masks’, it ‘conceals’. In fact power produces; it produces reality; it produces domains of objects and rituals of truth. The individual and the knowledge that may be gained of him belong to this producSon’ (Foucault 1991: 194). ‘We m...
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