Medicalizing Inequality Presentation

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Unformatted text preview: usSce/ 2013/07/22/2335261/tampa ­ criminalize ­homelessness/ In a number of ciSes, feeding the homeless in public spaces has been limited or made illegal (Philadelphia; Raleigh, NC ; Dallas, etc.) hcp:// jun/11/naSon/la ­na ­nn ­homeless ­ feeding ­bans ­20120611 And then we have this… In Hawaii, State RepresentaSve Tom Brower Took a Sledgehammer to Homeless People’s Belongings Out of Disgust with Homeless. (hcp:// 24003737/lawmaker ­hammers ­home ­his ­ homeless ­soluSon) Some good news! Utah: Figured out that it’s cheaper to give away apartments than to jail or hospitalize the homeless (Nelson...
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