Lgl, Poli, Ethcl Dimns of Busn wk1

Dont hesitate to ask for your companys counsel when

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Unformatted text preview: cessary in making a final decision on a legal matter. Don't hesitate to ask for your company’s counsel when you need to, but still use your gut and head to decide if the answer you receive is ethical or legal. Remember, however, that a little information can be dangerous. This class doesn't provide enough information for you to give legal advice, but it does provide enough for you to make good, informed, valid, and ethical business decisions in the workplace. The main thing you can take away from this course is a better idea about not only when you need to contact your attorney but also what to tell the attorney when you call her or him. See you in the threads. Video – Business Ethics: An Oxymoron? View the...
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