Lgl, Poli, Ethcl Dimns of Busn wk1

My goal is not to instruct a basic business law

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Unformatted text preview: My goal is not to instruct a basic business law course but rather to create a dialogue involving questions and issues that each of our respective businesses must navigate successfully if they http://www.devr yu.net/r e/DotNextLaunch.asp?cour seid= 9177016&user id= 5101654&sessionid= 5dec74d5a2&tabid= phRix72KFM d+ ub5Hjg RHz33Kdx8jmvSc1G7vBp3vM aRkQJf72g NzR4odW+ XADHno&sessionFir st… 1/5 2/10/2014 Lg l, Poli, Ethcl Dimns of Busn are ultimately to maximize stakeholder value. W e will do this during W eek 1 by covering our two most important TCOs: A and I. These will be foundational for the term. As TCO A is our ethics TCO and TCO I is our international TCO, note that both of these TCOs will be important under and inside each of our to...
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