Lgl, Poli, Ethcl Dimns of Busn wk1

Your tentative answers to the questions will form the

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Unformatted text preview: s that inevitably face every business. Your tentative answers to the questions will form the basis for our discussions in the coming weeks. One thing about this class: Most of you either work in a business or plan to soon, and you may expect to have access to corporate counsel or a private lawyer for your legal questions. However, for this class, try to pretend that, for whatever reason, you can't get to your lawyer right now and you need to answer the questions with the best legal and ethical information you can find. Rely on your own research tools (practice developing them in this course) and your own instincts. Ethical Dilemma Resolution Models One of the tools you should take from this course is the use of ethical dilemma resolution mo...
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