Lgl, Poli, Ethcl Dimns of Busn wk1

G contracts environmental law employment law etc

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Unformatted text preview: pical TCOs (e.g., contracts, environmental law, employment law, etc.) Business Ethics As we move through the course, each learned TCO should remain in the back of your mind. W e will build on them while learning the law. As you will find, most of the TCO A ethical strategies include as a first question the following: Is the behavior illegal? A "yes" answer will (usually) lead you to decide automatically that the behavior is unethical, unless the law itself is unethical (as is sometimes the case). Therefore, as we learn what is and isn't legal, we will want to utilize that information in solving ethical dilemmas. W hen we move our businesses overseas or to Mexico or Canada, as many of our companies are doing, we will want to keep in mind our ethics and how they apply to other cultures that may not share our viewpoints on w...
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