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Unformatted text preview: students short index 1/15/03 12:45 PM Page 5 Laboratory Protocol The chemistry laboratory is a place for serious learning and working. Horseplay cannot be tolerated. Variations in procedures, including changes in the chemicals to be used or in the amounts that will be used, may be dangerous. Ask your instructor before you make any changes. Alterations may be made only with the knowledge and approval of your instructor. Laboratory Visitors All laboratory visitors, no matter how brief their visit, should wear eye protection. Chemists and other scientists visiting a laboratory should observe safe behavior. Other laboratory visitors, such as friends and relatives, particularly children, may not be aware of the hazards and may inadvertently commit unsafe acts. Obtain your laboratory instructor’s approval before bringing visitors into the laboratory. Comportment in the Laboratory As a student, your duty to learn includes the duty to prevent accidents whenever you are in the chemical laboratory. These precepts are intended to help you fulfill this additional responsibility: ● Always wear eye protection when you or others nearby are working with chemicals or apparatus. ● Know beforehand the hazardous characteristics of the chemicals with which you plan to work. ● Wear chemically resistant lab coats or aprons. Do not wear shorts, cutoffs, or miniskirts. Do not wear high-heeled shoes, open-toed shoes, sandals, or shoes made of woven material. ● Confine long hair and loose clothing. ● Always wash your hands and arms with soap and water before leaving the laboratory, even if you wore gloves. Wash lab coats or jackets on which chemicals have been spilled separately from personal laundry. ● Never work alone in the laboratory. ● Do not prepare or store (even temporarily) food or beverages in a chemical laboratory. Never consume any food or beverage when you are in a chemical laboratory. Do not chew gum or tobacco, and do not smoke or apply cosmetics in the laboratory. Be aware that cosmetics and tobacco products in opened packages can absorb c...
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