As you probably have guessed almost all chemicals are

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Unformatted text preview: azardous chemical as any chemical that presents a hazard either under normal use or in a foreseeable emergency. (As you probably have guessed, almost all chemicals are hazardous chemicals as defined by OSHA.) The MSDS for a hazardous chemical describes its hazards and the precautions you must take to avoid harm. OSHA requires that employers provide an MSDS for a hazardous chemical on the premises to any employee who requests it. Although students are usually not employees, most educational institutions provide them with MSDSs; an MSDS can be educational, even though some of them may be difficult to fully understand.5 OSHA does not require or prefer any particular format or ordered presentation of topics for an MSDS. OSHA only mandates that the MSDS be in English and that it include ● the name of the hazardous chemical (and if it is a mixture, the names of the hazardous components present at 1% or greater levels—0.1% if the component is a carcinogen); ● some of the physical and chemical properties of the chemical (e.g., vapor pressure, boiling point, density); ● the physical hazards of the chemical (e.g., if it can catch fire or explode); ● the health hazards of the chemical (e.g., whether it is corrosive, an irritant, or harmful to the kidneys, and how it can enter the body [called “routes of entry,” e.g., inhalation, ingestion]); ● the PEL and TLV, if established (see “Understanding an MSDS” at right); ● whether or not the chemical can cause cancer as determined by certain authorities (e.g., the National Toxicology Program); ● the precautions to take when using the chemical; ● the control measures, work practices, and personal protective equipment you should use; 5You may wish to study the Chemical Laboratory Information Profile (CLIP) for a chemical before trying to understand the MSDS for that chemical. CLIPs are written in plain English and are published in the Journal of Chemical Education. 12 students short index ● ● ● 1/15/03 12:45 P...
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