Danger signifies that the hazards can cause serious

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Unformatted text preview: are subject to frequent revision, most authorities opine that to protect against overexposure, one should rely on the TLV limits rather than the PEL limits. Danger signifies that the hazards can cause serious injury (e.g., blindness, loss of a limb) or death. Warning signifies that the hazards can cause less than serious injuries. Caution warns users to be careful when using, handling, or storing the chemical. Labels Almost all of the labels on the bottles of chemicals you will use conform to the requirements of the current edition of the voluntary ANSI Standard for Hazardous Industrial Chemicals—Precautionary Labeling, Z129.1. This standard requires that every label contain ● the name of the chemical that is in the labeled container; ● one of three signal words, Danger, Warning, or Caution (see box), to indicate the relative degree of severity of the hazard(s) of the chemical; ● the principal foreseeable hazard(s) the chemical presents when used in the industrial workplace; ● the precautionary measures that will protect users from the harmful effects of those hazards; ● first aid instructions if the measures described could mitigate or prevent further serious injury before professional medical assistance is available; 7Additional details not pertinent to this discusion are desribed in 29 CFR 1910.1000. 15 students short index 1/15/03 12:45 PM Page 16 instructions in case of fire, if applicable; methods to handle spills or leaks, if appropriate; ● instructions if the chemical requires unusual handling and storage procedures; and ● the name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer or supplier. ● ● Reading MSDSs and Labels MSDSs and labels use words or phrases such as “avoid contact,” “use with adequate ventilation,” and other precautions whose significance may not be immediately obvious. See the table for descriptions of many of these phrases and the precautions you should take. Common words used in MSDSs and labels Phrase or term Descri...
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