Do not waste time by attempting to wipe or flush off

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Unformatted text preview: n can usually be brushed off with no adverse consequences. The brushed-off solid should, of course, be put into the appropriate hazardous waste container. If the solid adheres to your skin, call your instructor. Larger spills of a liquid on the skin and any spills of liquid on clothing can have serious consequences. Do not waste time by attempting to wipe or flush off the spill; get to the safety shower immediately. Quickly step under the showerhead and in the falling water spray; remove all contaminated clothing, shoes, and jewelry while the safety shower is on. Seconds count, so don’t waste time with modesty. Try to avoid spreading the chemical further over your skin, especially into your eyes. Don’t contaminate your eyes by removing pullover shirts or sweaters—someone else should cut the garment off with scissors while you are still in the shower. Flood the affected body area with temperate water for at least 15 minutes. Resume if pain returns. Do not use creams, lotions, or salves. Get medical attention without delay. Launder contaminated clothes separately from other clothing or discard, as recommended in the MSDS. Never work with chemicals in a laboratory unless it is equipped with a safety shower that has been tested within the past six weeks. A record, usually a tag affixed to the safety shower, should state the most recent test date and the tester’s initials. For splashes into the eye, immediately flush the eye with temperate potable water from a gently flowing source for at least 15 minutes. Use your thumb and forefinger to hold your eyelids away from the eyeball, move your eyes continuously—up and down and sideways—to flush out thoroughly behind the eyelids and behind the eyeball itself. An eyewash fountain should be used, but if one is not available, injured persons should be placed on their backs and water gently poured into the corners of their eyes for at least 15 minutes. After any first aid treatment to the eyes, promptly visit a member of a medical staff or an oph...
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