Skin a notation for substances that can be absorbed

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Unformatted text preview: e an allergic reaction on a second, third, or later exposure. Avoid the first exposure. Skin A notation for substances that can be absorbed directly through intact skin and produce toxic effects. Do not allow contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. In case of skin contact, immediately flush the affected area. Teratogen Causes birth defects and/or fetal death and can affect fetal development. Exercise extreme care when using and handling and do so only in a designated area in the laboratory. Do not breathe vapors and avoid all contact with skin, eyes, and clothing by wearing suitable protective equipment and using appropriate confining apparatus. Toxic Hazardous to health when inhaled, swallowed, injected, or in contact with the skin. Can cause serious damage in a short or prolonged exposure. Avoid all contact with the body. Do not breathe vapors, dust, or mist. When using or handling, use suitable protective equipment. 19 students short index 1/15/03 12:45 PM Use with adeInhaling the vapors, mist, or quate ventilation dust of this chemical can be harmful. Page 20 Keep the concentration of this chemical in your breathing air below the PEL or TLV (whichever is lower). Unless you know that the ventilation in the laboratory is sufficient to maintain the concentration in your breathing air below the PEL or TLV, use and handle this chemical only in a laboratory hood. Alternatively, if you have been certified by a physician to use a respirator and have been trained in its proper use and maintenance, you may use a respirator known to be appropriate. The Properties of Chemicals In addition to safety matters, MSDSs provide other useful information. You can learn about solubilities, volatility, and other properties and how manufacturers classify chemicals. The possibilities are only limited by the time and energy you wish to expend in studying the details in many MSDSs. Learning Chemistry from an MSDS The practical information found in the reactivity section of an MSDS can be useful when you plan an experimental procedure. For example, you can use the section of an MSDS that describes chemical reactivity, which includes information on the incompatibility of chemicals, as t...
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