ELEC31301 Experiment 8

ELEC31301 Experiment 8 - ELEC313-01 Technical Report for...

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ELEC313-01 Technical Report for Lab Experiment #8 Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier Submitted by: D. Bunn M. Kaspar Date of Submission November 6 th , 2007
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Purpose of experiment: The purpose of this experiment is to construct and observe the operation of a common emitter transistor amplifier. Model numbers of equipment used Hewlett-Packard HPE3631A Power Supply Hewlett-Packard HP34401A Multimeter Hewlett-Packard HP33120A Function Generator Agilent 546220 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Jameco JE24 Breadboard Decade Resistance Box Block Diagram Circuit schematic Test Procedure The circuit displayed above was constructed on the breadboard. The Function generator was set to a 30 kHz sine wave with amplitude 150mV pp and put at the input of the circuit. The oscilloscope was connected both to the output and the input portions of the circuit. The overall output/input gain of the circuit was measured and recorded. The decade resistance box was then added to the output, and the resistance adjusted until the output voltage was half the gain voltage previous recorded. The
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ELEC 313 taught by Professor Barsanti during the Fall '07 term at Citadel.

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ELEC31301 Experiment 8 - ELEC313-01 Technical Report for...

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