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Unformatted text preview: 603.05 P15,076.19 30,755.43 3 30,755.43 1,230.22 P15,076.19 47,061.84 4 47,061.84 1,882.47 P15,076.19 64,020.50 5 64,020.50 2,560.82 P15,076.19 81,657.51 6 81,657.51 3,266.30 P15,076.19 P100,000.00 P 9,542.86 P90,457.14 months) TOTAL 0.00 B. Finding the Amount in the Fund after Amount Certain Periodic Deposits Certain C. Finding the Interest Earned after Interest Certain Periodic Deposits Certain Note: First, find the total fund one period before that certain Note: periodic payment. periodic Example: 1.) Find the interest earned in the 5th deposit. Solution: A.) Solve 1st the Total Fund after the 4th deposit....
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