Accumulate if 9 examples 3 a man expects to buy a

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Unformatted text preview: % EXAMPLES 3.) A man expects to buy a high end laptop worth P100,00 in 3 yrs. He decides to put his savings P100,00 He every 6 months in a fund that earns 8% converted semi-annually. a.) how much should he put in every semi-annual payment? b.) how much is in the fund after the 4th deposit? c.) Construct a sinking semi-annual how fund schedule fund Period Amount in the fund at the (at the end of beginning of the every 6 period Interest (at i=0.04) earned on Sinking Fund at the end of period Sinking fund deposit at the end of period Amount in the fund at the end of period 1 P P 0.00 P15,076.19 P15,076.19 2 P15,076.19...
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