To learn conflating race and class race is often used

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Unformatted text preview: ave to learn” Conflating race and class Race is often used as a substitute for class, creating an oversimplification of social realities ◦ When we discuss what happens to a particular community as a “black” or “white” community, we obscure the realities of poor whites and rich or middle class blacks, who don’t experience the same social realities Why do we talk about structural violence? In the past two weeks, we have spent a great deal of time talking about the axes of structural violence, where they occur most, in racial and gender based contexts. We discussed the impact of structural violence on marginalized communities, and how it affects people differently because of their social positioning, which is often Similarities and approaches Because in order to understand the social injustices which occur at the local, national, and international level, it is important to understand ◦ ◦ first, the similarities between the events of social injustice (and who they tend to affect the most), and second, the different approach...
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