IDS - 1) Theory v. Practice: contrasting concept; pretty...

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1) Theory v. Practice: contrasting concept; pretty self explanatory, not all theories or concepts pan out as expected, just as the people that are suppose to enact them are not perfect 2) Left/left V. Right/right: terms with capital letters refer to the ideas of the time whereas terms in the lower case refer to the political ideologies of 1789, when politicians were sat in assembly according to their political beliefs. This upper/lower case concept also applies for terms below. a. Left: those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare b. In general, the political debate is about the extent to which the government should (interventionism) or should not ( laissez-faire ) intervene in the economy in order to effect desired social outcomes. 3) Liberal/liberal v. Conservative/conservative: a. Liberal: to be broad minded and to favor reform and change, progress, and the protection of civil liberties, favors laissez faire markets b. Conservative: to be resistant to change, favors traditional values in terms of religion, culture, in favor of government intervention. 4) Normative v. thinking outside the box a. Normative thinking refers to a standard set of norms that are understood as the correct/ majority way of interpreting the world, as oppose to thinking outside the box where one could develop new ideas for society such as political movements and the like. 5) Modernization theory: Modernization theory is a socio-economic theory , sometimes known as (or as being encompassed within) development theory , which highlights the positive role played by the developed world in modernizing and facilitating sustainable development
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IDS - 1) Theory v. Practice: contrasting concept; pretty...

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