[Klausmeyer] Exam 3 Practice

[Klausmeyer] Exam 3 Practice - 1) Which group 6A element is...

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1) Which group 6A element is a metal? A) tellurium and polonium B) sulfur C) selenium D) tellurium E) polonium Polonium is a nonmetal but since metallic character increases from top to bottom. In this case, we reference Polonium as a metallic element. 2) Using Bohr's equation for the energy levels of the electron in the hydrogen atom, determine the energy (J) of an electron in the n = 4 level. __________ . A) -1.36 × 10-19 B) -5.45 × 10-19 C) -7.34 × 1018 D) -1.84 × 10-29 E) +1.84 × 10-29 Using the equation -2.179x10^-18/n^2 = -1.36x10^-19 3) [Ar]4s23d104p3 is the electron configuration of a(n) __________ atom. A) As B) V C) P D) Sb E) Sn 4) The largest principal quantum number in the ground state electron configuration of iodine is __________. A) 1 B) 4 C) 5 D) 6 E) 7 5) According to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it is impossible to know precisely both the position and the __________ of an electron. A) mass B) color C) momentum D) shape E) velocity 6) All of the __________ have a valence shell electron configuration ns1. A) noble gases B) halogens C) chalcogens D) alkali metals E) alkaline earth metals
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7) In general, as you go across a period in the periodic table from left to right: (1) the atomic radius __________; (2) the electron affinity becomes __________ negative; and (3) the first ionization energy __________. A) decreases, decreasingly, increases B) increases, increasingly, decreases C) increases, increasingly, increases D) decreases, increasingly, increases E) decreases, increasingly, decreases 8) The atomic radius of main-group elements generally increases down a group because __________. A) effective nuclear charge increases down a group
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[Klausmeyer] Exam 3 Practice - 1) Which group 6A element is...

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