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Geology 143 - History of Life; Final Lecture Exam Fall 2004 Total Number of Questions = 45 ONLY ONE ANSWER PER QUESTION IS CORRECT - USE ONLY SOFT LEAD (#2) PENCILS MARK ANSWERS IN THE CORRESPONDING SPACE ON THE COMPUTER ANSWER SHEET FILL IN CIRCLES COMPLETELY - NO STRAY MARKS ERASE CHANGED ANSWERS COMPLETELY SHOW YOUR ID WHEN SUBMITTING ANSWER SHEET 1. The three periods of the Mesozoic era are ____. A. Priscoan, Archean, Proterozoic B. Hadean, Faustian, Gregorian C. Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous D. Eocene, Oliogocene, Pleistocene E. Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian 2. Dinosauria are divided into two main types: the bird-hipped ____ and the lixard-hipped ____. A. Sauropods; Therapsids B. Allosaurs; Ornithicia C. Ornithiscia; Sauraschia D. Sauraschia; Ornithiscia E. Ankylosaurs; Prosauropods 3. Dinosaurs and crocodiles evolved directly from ______ . A. thecodonts B. oviraptors C. sauropods D. therapsids E. none of the above 4. Living ____ have a sprawling posture, while living ______ have an upright posture. A. endotherms; ectotherms B. ectotherms; endotherms C. gigantotherms; heterotherms D. heterotherms; gigantotherms E. endotherms; homeotherms 5. The study of Biocomplexity includes ____. A. bacteria B. plants and animals C. atmosphere and hydrosphere D. multiple spatial and temporal scales E. all of the above and others 6. "Life" is defined by ____. A. cellular design B. self-regulation
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C. self-replication D. self-deprivation E. A, B and C 7. Warm-bloodedness of the dinosaurs is suggested by the following traits: A. compact bones with blood vessel holes B. oxygen-isotope composition of the bones C. ancestry from birds D. A and B E. A and B and C 8. T or F: The largest of all dinosaurs were the sauropods (sauraschia). 9. T or F: Dinosaur fossils have been found in places that were at high-latitude during the Cretaceous.
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Geology 143 Practice Exam - Geology 143 - History of Life;...

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