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SampleProgram - Sample Problem that Utilizes Files and...

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Sample Problem that Utilizes Files and Strings You are given a file with first and last names of employees as well as their position in the company. In addition, all clerks are given a numerical ID. Your job is to read in a file with the names of these employees and sort them in the following order: Bosses come first, and all bosses should be listed alphabetically by last name (you are guaranteed that each boss has a different last name.) All clerks will be listed after the bosses and they will be listed in increasing numerical order by their ID. (All of these IDs will be distinct positive integers.) The input file will have one integer, n, on the first line specifying the number of employees to sort. The following n lines will contain one employee record each. Each line will have the first name followed by the last name followed by their position. If they are a clerk, then this will be followed by a positive integer that is their ID. You are guaranteed that n is less than or equal to 60, and that there will be 10 or less bosses and 50 or less clerks. Also, all first and last names will be 19 characters or less. Here is a sample file: 6 Bob Jones boss David Kern clerk 12 Carrie Wilson boss Michael Carraway clerk 7 Sarah Wilbur clerk 3 John Copley clerk 9 You must design a program to read in a file and produce an output file in the same format, but that lists the employees in the sorted order mentioned above. For the following file, the output file would be: 6 Bob Jones boss Carrie Wilson boss Sarah Wilbur clerk 3 Michael Carraway clerk 7 John Copley clerk 9 David Kern clerk 12
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SOLUTION: // Arup Guha // 11/24/04 // Solution to practice problem from 11/23 optional session.
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