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Team vs Individual

Standardized but flexible integrity o honest about

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Unformatted text preview: Conservatives become more cautious and more aggressive types take on more risk · Group discussion exaggerates initial position of group Punctuated- equilibrium Model – A set of phases that temporary groups go through that involves transitions between inertia and activity 2. Teaming - Groups vs. Teams • Groups o Share information o Neutral or negative synergy o Individual accountability o Random and varied skills • Teams o Collective performance o Positive synergy o Individual and mutual accountability o Complementary skills - Types of Teams • Problem- Solving Teams o Groups of 5 to 12 employees from the same department who meet for a few hours each week to discuss ways of improving quality, efficiency, and the work environment • Self- Managed Work Teams o Groups of 10 to 15 people who take on responsibilities of their former supervisors • Cross- Functional Teams o Employees from about the same hierarchical level, but come from diff...
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