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Organizational Concepts

O anthropology the study of societies to learn about

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Unformatted text preview: training, etc. o Social Psychology: An area of psychology that blends concepts from psychology and sociology and that focuses on the influence of people on one another. Contributes behavioral change, attitude change, communication, etc. o Sociology: The study of people in relation to their social environment or culture. Contributes to communication, conflict, intergroup behavior, organizational technology, organizational culture, etc. o Anthropology: The study of societies to learn about human beings and their activities. Contributes to comparative values, cross- cultural analysis, organizational culture, etc. - OB Challenges and Opportunities (p.15- 23) o Responding to economic pressures § During times of economic crisis, management can mean the difference between a firm surviving or going under o Responding to globalization o Managing workplace diversity o Improving customer service o Improving people skills o Stimulating innovation and change o Coping with “temporariness” o Working in networked organizations o Helping employees balance work- life conflicts o Creating a positive work environment o Improving ethical behavior 2. Organizational Structure - The Organizational Context - Elements of Structure (p.480- 486) o Work Specialization: The degree to which tasks in an organization are subdivided into separate jobs. - Division of labor - Ford assembly line o Departmentalization: The basis by which jobs in an organization are grouped together. § Functional - each department § Division...
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