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To make individuals feel less like they are less

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Unformatted text preview: make it more efficient o Employee Training o Reduction of Status Differences Clothing, language, etc. to make individuals feel less like they are less valued o Sharing Information Meetings o Leader/manager must prepare to state purpose of meeting o 50% of time wasted o Pitfalls No real purpose if not explicitly stated Can be done by other means (Google Doc, video conference, etc.) Inadequate preparation Haphazard decision- making process Jumping to conclusions Overdeveloped egos Insufficient follow- up o Keys to a successful meeting Clear purpose Decide on a leader of the meeting to keep the conversation relevant Have a basic format for meeting Brief participants ahead of time for what to expect Establish time, place, and duration of meeting Distribute an agenda beforehand Designate a note- taker to summarize meetings Assign people to action items o Dialectic: having a thesis, antithesis, and providing a synthesis of the ideas Writing Groups o Find a consensus...
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